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  • Liking
  • Reciprocity
  • Authority
  • Social Proof
  • Scarcity
  • Consistency
Credits: Robert B Cialdini
  • Situations
  • Problem
  • Implication
  • Needs Pay Off
Credits: Neil Rackham

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What good Looks Like ?

  • Enable your sales people to
    realise their true potential
  • Know how effective your
    sales force is in front of your customers
  • Maximise the selling capability
    of your organisation
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Proud to
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Top Ten Global
Pharmaceutical Companies


Proud to Engage With

We pride ourselves on the fact that we not only work with seven of the top ten Global Pharmaceutical Companies, but continue to have long term relationships with them based on our commitment to making a difference.

Sales Reps & Managers Coached

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Across UK, Europe
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Sales Reps & Managers Coached

For all the advances in technology, there isn’t a magic fix that will turn your sales team into superstars overnight. The same is true for any competitive, high skilled performance arena, football, rugby, tennis, running, swimming. Regular high-quality training, coaching and practice are the answer.

Sales Skill Improvement


Improvement in Sales, through an
Integrated Coaching & Monitoring


Sales Skill Improvement

In competitive high skilled performance arenas, improvement is achieved by tracking performance over time and being able to identify what to work on and when improvement happens.
Tangible improvements in selling skills and campaign delivery in pharmaceutical are a reality.

Our Services

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Sales & Behaviour Matrix

Experts in developing effective observable behaviour frameworks to guide coaching of critical aspects of in-call effectiveness. Ideally, observable behaviour frameworks should dovetail with the campaign and materials to provide the greatest possibility of success.

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Benchmarking / validation

Sales interAction deliver benchmarking in two distinct ways; 1. Staged events. 2. Real time in field assessments that provide a true reflection of authentic sales interactions between sales representatives and healthcare professionals.

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Calibration of observational skill is crucial to the provision of accurate and meaningful information, and being able to effectively coach in-call performance. Sales interAction has an ongoing calibration process to ensure the quality and effectiveness of our coaches and observers.

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Regular high-quality coaching is the key to making long lasting improvements and embed behaviour change over time. Delivered effectively it is a positive process and enhances sales people engagement.

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About us

Company Overview

Sales interAction are providers of Sales Force Effectiveness solutions. Founded in 2000 and with more than 27 years’ experience in pharmaceutical sales.


Gary Colleran
Managing Director

Ian Johnson
Sales & Marketing Director

Abhijit Sengupta
Director - Global Delivery & IT Support


Sales interAction
UK Office - 9

SiA Coaching Associates
UK - 100
Europe - 90

SiA Digital
India Office - 20

Our Coaches

We have a team of > 90 Coaches across Europe and currently cater for 16 markets.


Individual Coaches

If you are interested in coaching, we would love to hear from you.

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Data Analyst

Should have 3+ years experience in Data Analyst, Please Contact Us.

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